Uniguest Hotel Directory Publishing - Uniguest Hotel Directory Scams Advertisers and Employees!!

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Why does Uniguest Hotel Directory Publishing and advertising always advertise for sales people in multiple territories constantly? Because they do not pay their independent reps if the reps do not sell their ads at over inflated prices!! If you sell below $4000 in advertisements for a particular hotel's directory, no matter how much time you spent on this account , you will not get paid one cent for your efforts!!

Why do advertisers not want to advertise again in a Uniguest Hotel Diretory?

All advertisers at the city I worked in told me that their ad in the hotel directory did not bring them one customer!!

Plus their ad was placed in the very back of the hotel directory , hidden behind community places and all hotel information.

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Untrue information, you need to sell 60% of quota- $4000 x .60= $2400.You KEEP EVERYTHING above the $2400 that you sell, which is about 7 ads at $350 each.

That's a 40% commission if you meet quota.

Most jobs take about 8 days plus they pay for your hotel.Good deal in my book, made $1500 in 7 days on my first assignment, sounds like sour grapes from someone that can't sell.

to Gerald Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #666334

Have had nothing by good experiences with Uniguest.The price breakdown on an ad at $350 for a year is less than $30 a month.

A small price to pay for the kind of business that a restaurant sees from hotel referrals and advertising.

As for commissions, I just came off workining two hotels in one week and pulled in over $3000 commission.It all about how you approach people.

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